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So you have finished recording and you are happy with your song mix.

What's the next step?

Every commercial song gets treated to an extra layer of quality called mastering. This is where your song/s will come alive and be suitable for commercial use, radio or sales purposes.

A lot of artists want that crisp, sharp edge to their song just like you hear on the radio and this is where the mastering stage starts.

Mastering is a highly skilled job with equipment and specially treated surrounding in which to get your music sounding great. Through our years of experience working with some of the top named artists in the industry we know what it takes to get that sound.

We offer a per track mastering service which can be delivered in most parts over 5 to 7 days.

1 track £60
2 to 5 tracks £50 each
6+ £45 each

What we will need from you.

We need the tracks in WAV format and in as highest quality possible. We also find it useful to have a reference track to work with so we can get an idea of the sound you are looking for.

To enquire about mastering and to hear some demos please contact Jeff on 07540 755941 or email

If you wish to go ahead then we will require payment up front.